The Birth of FumoSonic

FumoSonic Band PhotoFumosonic is the vision of John and Kelly Fumo, two musician/composers living in Los Angeles, California.

John and Kelly met while doing a recording session for the singer Delaney Bramlett. John was just finishing a tour with Neil Young and Kelly was recording vocals with Delaney’s band.

The connection was instant and started what now is 20+ years of marriage, family and music making.

John, a trumpet player and composer heavily influenced by Miles Davis and the free expressions of jazz music, along with Kelly’s love and feel for music with a heavy groove started a unique musical journey that has transformed into FUMOSONIC.

The very first song they co-created is a quirky tune called, “Shut Up and Go Home!”, which features a heavy beat, Kelly’s strong vocals, and some “free jazz improvisation” by John. In fact the whole album “All That Is/Is That All?” is laden with the same unique formula.

As their family grew, John as a side man, was busy recording and touring with a dizzying and diverse array of artists, including Neil Diamond, Beck, James Brown, Dianne Reeves, Brian Setzer, Khaled, Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. During these times John could be seen playing and recording with the free jazz movement in Los Angeles. His collaborations with Nels Cline, Alex Cline, Vinny Goila, Jeff Gautier, Steurt Liebig, Wayne Peet and Brad Dutz can be found on numerous CD’s. Meanwhile, Kelly went on to receive her degree in Art, as an Illustrator, while raising the family, traveling the world, and composing music. With the birth of their second son, a new album started to take hold.

With their latest CD “Love Is Everything”, the influence of Kelly’s trance-like belly dance music and John’s love of East Indian classical improvisational music, blends up a beautifully intoxicating mix. Two of the songs, “I Have the Perfect Kind of Love” and, “A Thousand Kisses” were phrases their son whispered to Kelly before going to bed one evening!

Backed by an incredible list of session players who also perform with Fumosonic live, they create a show that is truly compelling. Imagine a soft drone emanating from the keyboards as 12 Zen Monks fill the front of the stage chanting a message of Love and Peace to the audience. John’s trumpet plays a beautiful mournful melody with the tablas backing him. As Kelly enters the stage she starts her vocal verse with the rhythm section laying into a sonically chilling groove. The composition progresses as different players are featured and solo with heartfelt beauty culminating into an ecstatic finish.

Welcome to the world of Fumosonic.

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