squeeze250Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace: Love

“Fumosonic’s music, which is beyond any simple classification, mixes together aspects from jazz, fusion, R&B, funk and pop along with the influence of various types of World Music to create a music that is very new.” -jazz book author Scott Yanow

“…the music is hauntingly beautiful with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. If you like a mixed bag of jazz and contemporary with just a tinge ethnicity performed by some very talented musicians, then Love Is Everything will suit you just fine. What I liked most about the album is its variety. You probably will too.” -RJ Lannan

“This is serious Sunbeam Mixmaster music, i.e. put the disparate parts in a blender and hit ‘PUREE.’ The result is never-less-than intriguing and frequently the music invites toe-tapping, head-nodding and maybe even movement of the nether regions in time to the funky, sensual rhythms, intoxicating melodies and Kelly Fumo’s sexy voice.” -Bill Binkelman

FumoSonic, a collaboration between trumpeter John Fumo and his wife singer-songwriter Kelly Fumo, is a truly unique group, one whose music is both explorative and very accessible. Combining John’s trumpet, solo and group improvising, and Kelly’s haunting vocals, the music of Fumosonic is both unusual and distinctive.

You will hear East Indian tablas grooves, drum and bass, drones, chromatic improvisation and lyrics inviting you to share your love and your positive thoughts around the globe.

As legendary jazz book author Scott Yanow mentioned in regards to FumoSonic’s music, “it’s beyond any simple classification”.